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About Us

OIHA is the abbreviation for “Ontario Icelandic Horse Association”.  The OIHA was founded in 2001 by a small group of Icelandic Horse enthusiasts.  Our Objectives are:

  • To organize events such as shows, trail rides, seminars, etc. for fun and educational purposes.
  • To otherwise promote the interests of the Association and the Icelandic Horse in ways agreeable to the membership.
  • To promote membership in the Association and the Association itself.
  • To supply advisory assistance to breeders and owners.

Since 2001 we have organized a yearly Icelandic Horse show at different locations in Ontario. Our one-day shows are a combination of competition and fun.  Always enthusiasm and laughter. After the show we gather for an evening of socialising with new and old friends.

Our members receive a quarterly newsletter with the latest association news, stories and tips on Icelandic Horses.

The OIHA is not affiliated with the Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation (CIHF).  They are two independent organizations. The main goal of the OIHA is to promote the Icelandic Horse in Ontario, to introduce this unique breed to other horse lovers and horse novices, in order to enlarge the so far small Icelandic Horse family in Ontario.

The OIHA welcomes everyone. You do not have to own an Icelandic Horse or a horse at all, nor do you need to be a resident of Ontario. There are several membership categories, each with specific rights and privileges.

If you would like to join the OIHA then please download the membership form or contact us by email. roulette en ligne

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